Our Services


The features of our service include:

Management Services

  • Convening and conducting Inaugural General Meetings, Annual General Meeting, Special General Meetings and Committee Meetings.
  • 24 hour Hotline service for repairs of common property.
  • Maintain an address for receiving correspondence
  • Handle correspondence
  • Arranging for maintenance, repair and replacement of common property in accordance with the instructions of the owners corporation.
  • Arrange quotations for works to the common property.
  • Preparing circulars and conduct surveys
  • Recommend¬† Audits to save cost
  • Preparing and lodging insurance claims on behalf of the owners corporation.
  • Enforcing the rules relating to common property.
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Maintain an accurate record of correspondence , asset register , strata plan , rules and regulations
  • Arrange and renew Insurances and lodging of insurance claims on behalf of the owners corporation
  • Arrange a Maintenance Plan
  • Attending to statutory requirements
  • Complying to all requirements under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 & Regulations.

Financial Services

  • Maintaining the accounts of the owners corporation , preparing the Annual Financial Reports.
  • Operate a separate bank account for each owners corporation to provide transparency of all payments and receipts
  • Provide reports in a easy to understand format.
  • Invoicing Owners Corporation Fees
  • Collect levies from all members
  • Validating and Payment of Invoices
  • Provide for Direct Electronic Funds Transfer Facilities
  • Arrears Recovery
  • Preparation & lodgement of Quarterly Business Activity Statements & Annual Tax Returns
  • Arrange and renew insurances.
  • Budget Forecast ( Admin & Sinking Fund)
  • Present a full set of Financial Records to all members at the appropriate meetings